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World Links was founded after several years of traveling the World, meeting many great people, and experiencing a collection of different cultures.  We believe in liberty and expressing uniqueness, which is why each piece is hand crafted, exclusive, and showcases unique currency from different countries.

 All of our coin jewelry is handmade and crafted for you!

World Links Jewelry Gives Back

Our vision is to deliver a beautiful, one of a kind, piece of jewelry that inspires you to get out and explore the World.  By purchasing our products, you also help us to give to the community.  From disaster relief to veteran’s affairs, we donate 10% of profits to various organizations throughout the year.

Why do we give back? It’s our mission to leave the world a better place. Through our travels, we’ve seen beautiful places and met amazing people, and we want to find ways to give back as much as possible. 

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