Coin Rings Now Available

silver coin rings

We are now offering many new styles of Rings made from world coins and state quarters.  They are available in most sizes for men and women with many unique designs. 

We can handcraft something unique for you out of a coin that has a special meaning.  Perfect to remember those special trips or birthplaces and years.

The state quarter rings are some of the most unique ways to show off where you’re from. Maybe you miss home and want to have a piece with you or maybe you still live there and you just love it that much.

State Quarter Rings

Regardless of why, these rings and bracelets are perfect to display your state pride every day when you put it on. A lot of people collect state quarts, trying to get all 50 of them, but we think there are better ways to use them.  

Available in all 50 States and World Coins. 
We can polish them, distress them, or paint them to create a one of a kind ring.  If you don’t see a style you are looking for on the site, feel free to shoot us an email and we can make what you are looking for.   Follow us on Instagram for the latest trends and product releases!

Gold Coin Rings

Maybe you’re looking for something a little different. If you love gold, but you want something more unique and trendy than a simple gold ring, well do we have the jewelry for you!

Our gold rings are one of our hottest products, and it’s easy to see why! They are beautifully crafted (all by hand) and completely unique.

These little beauties are 100% unique, which means there is not another ring on earth like it. It’s an incredible way to show your friends your style and your unique tastes.

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