3 Pieces of Jewelry for Game Day

world coin bracelets on beach

The fall weather is finally here (mostly!). For most of us, that means one thing – football!

Football around here, in the south, is a big deal. The game is only part of it. We make a whole-day affair of football games.

Everyone has their college teams, and we will live and die by those teams. Now, if you’re not a sports fan, that probably sounds crazy, but it’s true.

One major part of college football (and all sports) is the tailgating. It’s not a true game unless you go out with your friends and family before the game and hang out, eat great food, and play games.

Now, when you’re going out for a tailgate, you have to plan your outfit well. You want something comfortable, but also fashionable. You’re going to be out there a while.

You need something that looks great before the game, but something that also fits in when you’re cheering on your team. Here are the 3 World Links Jewelry pieces we think are ESSENTIAL for game day

Gameday Bangles

These pieces were MADE for gameday. All of your friends are going to be so jealous of these bangles. We don’t blame them, these gameday bangles are awesome!

georgia bangle

What makes them so special (aside from being handmade) is they are completely customizable. You can make them 100% YOU!

What better way to show off your college spirit than with one of these bangles. You pick the state quarter and you pick the color! It’s PERFECT for those nail-biting close games.

Leather Punched Coin Bracelet

These are some of our favorite pieces! Not only are they great for the office or the bar, but they are PERFECT for the big game on Saturdays.

leather coin bracelet

Why are they so perfect? Because they are both comfortable and stylish – and you can make them match your game day outfit. Let’s say you’re a big Georgia Bulldog fan, well, having a red leather bracelet with the state quarter is going to attract a lot of compliments.

If you’re looking for that last little piece to pull together your football outfit, then these leather punched coin bracelets can be the exact thing you’re looking for.

Gold Coin Necklace

Every great outfit needs a classy accessory to bring it all together – and when you’re getting ready for a football game is no different. You still need something which will tie the whole outfit together without being too much.

gold coin necklace on woman

Our antique gold coin necklaces will go with every outfit you have and will attract a lot of great attention from the other women at the game.

These gold necklace will look great, regardless of what your school’s colors are. The necklace is 17″ long and can be made to fit exactly what you want!

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